ADFP welcomes and encourages involvement from all our members!  Our members play vital roles on our committees.  Their active contributions contribute to ADFP's success!  Find out more about each committee below.

ADFP welcomes and encourages involvement from all our members!  Our members play vital roles on our committees.  Their active contributions contribute to ADFP's success!  Find out more about each committee below. If you are interested in more information on a committee or would like to serve on one of our committees please contact us at

2021 ADFP Committees and Task Forces

Member Mentorship Program:  

To grow access to Member Mentorship Programs throughout the ADFP community and to support members developing and implementing these programs in the following ways:

  • Serving as a resource to members developing or working in existing programs.
  • Recommending to the ADFP Board other means to support access for Members to mentorship and higher educational experiences.

Annual Conference Committee

The Conference Proposal Review Committee will review presentation / workshop proposals for the 2021 Conference and provide critical input on workshop & speaker selection.  We need a large and diverse committee, and members will have a significant impact on the Conference program!  This committee’s work will initiate as soon as possible for our Fall 2021 conference.

Professional Continuing Education Committee

Take steps to develop Continuing Education Programs in the following ways:

Investigate and explore what instruction should be offered in Divorce Financial Planning Practice and disseminate it to our Members.

Online Professional Education Task Force: develop resources to produce online education, gauge interest, select topics, develop curriculum and pricing, select trainers and produce advanced/in-depth trainings for 2021

Research Advisory Panel: Continue to serve as a clearing house for data generated by practice groups, foster research

Collect data from the Member survey(s) for use in future engagement and relationship building with Allied Professionals and Peers.

Create and expand centralized ADFP Higher Education Database.

Membership and Outreach Committee

The Membership and Outreach Committee plans to explore new avenues for attracting new practitioners to Divorce Financial Planning and new members to the ADFP. One of the identified ways to attract new practitioners will be to focus on what ways we can get more information in front of members of other organizations that share a similar mission as the ADFP.  We also seek to strengthen our existing Membership by reaching out to enhance the benefits they derive from the ADFP, to enhance the distinction of being a member in our organization as well as to develop new ways that the ADFP becomes the premier divorce financial planning membership organization in the country.

Partnerships & Sponsors Committee:

To build on the foundational work and successes of our prior Annual Conferences and webinars, taking what we learned from that work to do even better this year in increasing both the number of sponsors, affiliated partnerships and the total dollar amount of support made to the ADFP.

To qualify with due diligence our criteria for forming monetary or any other affiliations with organizations, businesses, entities, or individuals, as we work to provide a viable and sound financial foundation for our volunteer-based organization.

ADFP Board participation, committee participation and creative ideas will continue to be implemented to effectuate this charge.

Marketing & Promotion:

To work closely with other Committees to create successful materials and promotional efforts for the ADFP to stand out as the premier divorce financial planning membership organization in the U.S. To advance our mission and the interests of our Members to Allied Professionals.  To selectively target specific opportunities for marketing and promotion that directly enhance the ADFP and meet all criteria for creating partnerships/ affiliations.


To reignite the newsletter and determine its new and updated character, content, delivery means, and frequency.  To vet contributors & contributions, create editorial content, research current topics and archive efforts.  To balance the promotion of the ADFP with the self-interests of our Members.  To reach out to Membership regularly and to develop a protocol for every newsletter and editorial.

Technology, Website & Social Media Content Committee:

  • Review front and back end of website.
  • Informally survey members and leaders about what they like and what can be improved.
  • Learn from administrators about what complaints they have heard about website.
  • Review content and structure of public and member facing pages for clarity, optimal messaging, search engine optimization and ease of use.
  • Research how to more effectively search for documents and improve display results.
  • Make recommendations to staff for structure. Revise content as needed in consultation with relevant committee chairs about what additional documents should be on website.
  • Work closely with ADFP Board and administrative staff to coordinate change requests with staff workflow and website capabilities.
  • Develop new platform(s) for member engagement and public discussion. (blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Solicit content from members for website and develop protocols / standards for acceptable contributions.
  • Serve as a resource for practice groups looking to create or improve their website.