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Family Owned Businesses in Divorce – Understanding the Issues and Creating Liquidity

Tuesday, Jun 30, 2020

1:00pm – 2:30pm

Presenters: Ivy Menchel, CFP, CDFA, CBEC AND DIRECTOR OF THE BOARD OF ADFP and Michael McLaughlin, CFA, ASA, CVA and Managing Director of Sigma Valuation

Date: June 30 at 1:00 EST

Specific Focus: Divorce rates are rising and there are millions of small to mid-size businesses in the U.S., so there is a high probability that one, if not both, spouses in many of your cases may be a business owner. Some of the most complex matrimonial cases involve businesses. What information do you need to evaluate a business? What issues typically arise when businesses are included in the marital estate? How do you determine a business owner’s true income for child support and maintenance especially when personal and business expenses are blurred? How do you determine the value of a business or how can its value be equitably distributed? Are there options to create liquidity from this illiquid asset? Join us – These are some of the many questions and issues we will discuss in our presentation.

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