Why use a DFP?
What you can gain by working with a Divorce Financial Planner

  • Expertise - DFPs can mine financial documents, such as tax returns, for key information in a more nuanced way, typically, than can attorneys, simply because that is what we are trained to do. Attorneys are experts in family law. DFPs are financial experts with specific training and education regarding the financial and tax implications of divorce.
  • Education – DFPs help clients and attorneys understand the meaning of the financial data, and how it will impact the client’s financial future. If the client has not been involved or had previous access to information about the family finances, there can be a significant learning curve. The DFP is particularly adept at meeting the client where they are and helping them understand the information that impacts the financial decisions to be made within the context of the client’s financial future.
  • Analysis – DFPs provide clients and attorneys with analyses to help in the evaluation of settlement scenarios and to understand the financial and tax consequences.
  • Creativity – Because of their unique training and background as a financial professional, DFPs can make recommendations or suggest creative ideas for the financial settlement that might not otherwise occur to the client and legal team.