For People Facing Divorce

Yes. Many DFP offer consultations for clients with limited scope needs. Support questions are dependent on family law statues in your location. Use Find a Planner to search for a qualified professional in your area.
One of the first things a DFP will ask is about your legal representation. The DFP will work with you to talk with your attorney about incorporating the work of the DFP into your divorce process in a way that best supports your needs and does not duplicate effort.
Most DFPs charge an hourly rate for their time, much like your attorney does, but often at an hourly rate lower than the attorney. Total cost is largely dependent on the scope of work needed, and whether your case goes to trial or settles outside of the courtroom. Your DFP can give you more information specific to your circumstances in the initial consultation.
Use the Find a Planner search feature to find a qualified financial professional in your area.
Settlement processes outside of the courtroom are becoming more commonplace as families seek to reduce animosity, preserve privacy, and take charge of the decisions of their divorce. DFPs can be an integral part of exploring and crafting settlement scenarios that meet the needs of the whole family system. DFPs who work as a neutral engaged by both clients may be subject to rules that govern their participation in litigation should the settlement process prove unsuccessful. Be sure to ask as part of your initial consultation.

For Divorce Professionals

ADFP offers resources and training for members starting their careers in the industry. Our exclusive, 10 month-long Mentorlink℠ program is designed specifically to assist members achieve success in launching their practice. We also offer a variety of webinar and retreat offerings for our members to sharpen their skills. There are two Support and Development groups (divided on geographic lines) for our members to network with one another and engage in on-going discussions about specific issues. And, ADFP members have special benefit opportunities available through the various sponsorship and affiliate program exclusive offers.
Yes! In addition to regular webinar offerings with content relevant to DFP practice and the issues our clients face, ADFP also offers an annual retreat with opportunities for deeper learning with other experienced DFPs utilizing a detailed case study as the basis for exercises and interactive discussion. ADFP often records webinar offerings and makes them available for those who missed the live virtual event. And, don’t forget about our Support and Development groups, which provide opportunities to network with peers, consider best practices, and dive into topics encountered as we work with clients.
In addition to the Find a Planner search feature, ADFP also offers the opportunity for members to submit articles and blog posts for publication on the website. If you are featured in the media talking about divorce financial planning, send the information to ADFP, and we will share your success on our social media!