Membership Application Process Outlined

The Membership Application and Accreditation Process is designed to help ensure that Members are knowledgeable, trustworthy and experienced divorce financial planning practitioners. It is also designed to encourage applicants who do not meet ADFP Practice and Professional Standards to aspire and establish a path toward achieving them. The process is outlined below:

  • Individuals interested in applying for ADFP membership submit an ADFP Application Form and Dues Payment to the ADFP administrative office.
  • Applications are reviewed initially by the Membership Chair, who may approve or reject the applicant; make further information requests; encourage further professional development by identifying apparent weaknesses in the application, make recommendations for strengthening such weaknesses and offer applicants the opportunity to become Associate Members; or refer the application to the Board of Directors for independent review and decision-making.
  • Applicants not accepted as Members can appeal the decision by submitting a letter and supporting documentation to the Board of Directors at its administrative headquarters.

Become a Member